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We provide professional bicycle service and upgrades.  We service all model bikes: road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX or kids bikes. We have a fully functioning workshop on our premises to carry out any kind of bicycle repair.

Easy Service $40* Adjust brakes front and rear
Check parts and cables for wear and rust
Check and tighten all parts
Check and inflate tires to the
correct pressure
Lube all moving parts required
Entry Service $60*

Adjust gears front and rear
Adjust headset

Essential Service $80* Entry Service Plus
Wheels removed and trued front and rear
Adjust wheel cones and
Adjust bottom bracket
Wipe down and inspect wheels
Wipe and lube chain
Wipe down and Inspect frame
Elite Service $150* Essential Service Plus
Headset overhaul
Service hubs
Remove and clean/service bottom bracket
Degrease drivetrain and re-lube
Full bike clean
  *Parts needed will be at additional cost and possibly increased labour
bikeme repairs

Other Services Available
Wheel build from $50
Wheel Truing front or rear from $25
Tube or tyre fitting $10
Box bike for shipping $35
Build bike $40
Strip frame from $40
Bottom bracket fitting from $18
Chain fitting $10
Adjust front or rear gears $15
Adjust front or rear brakes $15
Headset overhaul $28
Hub service $18
Brake bleed front or rear $40
Safety check (No adjustment) No charge
Hourly rate $60

All parts extra

BIKEME    292 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa (Next to Radio Station 89.9).     Tel: 421 1200    Cell: 02-BIKEME-01/02